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Who I am?

I am environmental engineer, mother, green politician, council member, Kajaani-being, project worker, scout and nature lover. All these are something I love and really wish to be. Because this is my politician site, more about that: My reason to be in the politics, is to ensure that future generations are able to live in our precious planet. As B-P, the founder of scout and guide movement, said:  ”Try to leave better than you found it”.

My path started within the studies of environmental protection engineering mainly in the University of Oulu, but also in the University of Kuopio and National University of Singapore. Studies gave an excellent knowledge both how nature and industrial processes are working. As a graduated do-gooder I moved to Helsinki and first worked in training company AEL and later in the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


In Singapore, the 1st of May 2007

Even though the work in ECHA was very motivating and challenging, I resigned and moved back to my home town, Kajaani. Luckily things sorted out and I was employed by Kainuun Etu, for EU project, English as working language still and for Greek-origin boss, Ninetta. Simultaneously I was candidating in the municipality elections. The political career began well, as I was elected to the Kajaani city council.

When I need to mention my hobbies, scouting is always there. I have been a scout since seven years old. During these twenty years I have done many different things – beeing a group leader for children, travelled to India for a seminar and acted as a board member for Finnish national scout organisation. In addition to scouting I like different outdoor activities i.e. hiking, skiing, skating etc.


Skiing in a forest

Now I have been four years in Kajaani city council, Kajaani city board and Kainuu regional council. And I must confess, I like. Not that it’s always nice – no, not at all. But I feel that I have managed to influence on many things. For example we have started to recruit new people to move to Kainuu from my initiative. We succeeded in few forest issues (no new logging areas in Pöllyvaara), and awesome Ärjä island is becoming protected for recreation. Now I’m running to continue in Kajaani city council. Hope that will happen. You decide.

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