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I think it’s nice to have something also in English. To remember and remind that we are not homogenous society and we should not be – but also because English has been my working language ten years. (Ou my – am I that old that my working life is 10+ years…)


In Singapore, celebrating the 1st of May

I was born in 1983 in the lovely city of Kajaani, Finland. Kajaani is located – well according to you to the middle of nowhere in the Northern Finland – and according to me to the mid part of Finland with decent connections to the bigger world via train, plane and roads.

I am environmental engineer, mother, green politician, council member, Kajaani-being, project worker, scout and nature lover. All these are something I love and really wish to be. Because this is my politician site, more about that: My reason to be in the politics, is to ensure that future generations are able to live on our precious planet. As B-P, the founder of scout and guide movement, said: ”Try to leave the world better than you found it”.

My path started within the studies of environmental protection engineering mainly in the University of Oulu, but also in the University of Kuopio and National University of Singapore. Studies gave me wide knowledge of how both nature and industrial processes work. As a graduated engineer I moved to Helsinki and first worked in training company AEL and later in the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Even though the work in ECHA was very motivating and challenging (+ well-paid), I resigned and moved back to my home town, Kajaani. During the same week we also celebrated our weddings. Luckily things sorted out and I was employed by Kainuun Etu, for an EU project, English as working language still and for a Greek-origin boss. Simultaneously I stood as a candidate in the municipal elections. The political career began well, as I was elected to the Kajaani city council.


Skiing in a forest

When I need to mention my hobbies, scouting is always there. I have been a scout since seven years old. During these twenty years I have done many different things – being a group leader for children, travelled to India for a seminar and acted as a board member for Finnish national scout organisation. In addition to scouting I like different outdoor activities i.e. hiking, skiing, skating etc.

I also want to mention my two lovely kids. They give me enormous amounts of love and joy, also grey hairs – but they definitely increase my motivation to be active in politics. It is basically the world we create to them, and that world I want to be as good as possible.

Guess what: We had municipal elections in April 2017. And out of all candidates, I was the one getting most votes in whole Kainuu. 546 votes, when the second best got a bit less than 400. Me – youngish Green lady got most of the votes in Kainuu! The world really seems to be changing.

After that I was leading the preparation of the agriculture policy paper in the Finnish Green party. I have also been writing a lot about the sustainable forestry. This active writing eventually led to the invitation to Linnan juhlat (this famous hand-shaking party we have on our Independence Day where 2000 invitees shake hands with the president and half a million people watch it from TV).

Good feeling with other candidates of Rural and Wilderness Greens

This spring I was running as a candidate for the European parliament. 4801 people voted for me, and I’m extremely grateful to all of them. Thank you!
These were my themes in the elections: 

1. We need to fix the emission trading system

The Emission Trading System (ETS) is very good way to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. It is definitely worth of having, and we need to develop it further. There are few things to be done: first of all, a minimum price for carbon dioxide tonne needs to be set. Then we have to take emission credits out from the system. This ensures that emissions are really going down. Then: we need to consider to enlarge ETS to new fields – for example to heating.

2. We need to transfer agriculture subsidies from the hectare-based ones towards to the ecosystem services

At the moment Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) is divided into two pilars. Pilar 1 consists on direct hectare based subsidies. Pilar 2 is about to environmental protection, welfare of the animals and development of the rural areas. We should put more money to pilar 2. Commission is proposing complete opposite – to keep pilar 1 as it is, and to reduce funding from pilar 2. This has to be other way round. 

3. We need to keep everyone on board

Rise of populism in different countries in Europe (and globally) is very worrying issue. It is mostly due to the fact that many people feel they are not on board in our society. There is poverty, there is unemployment, there is sickness and there is feeling that you are not heard. These are real issues and we definitely have to take them into account and improve the welfare of all europeans. 

4. We need EU

These elections are crucial for the future of EU. Some wish to have less EU, wish to break down what we have. I don’t. We have huge global problems – e.g. climate change and decrease of biodiversity – and the best level to cope these is European. EU has been the leader in the global climate politics. This has to continue – otherwise I don’t know how we could cope this problem.

Also we have to remember to story of EU. After the second world the economical co-operation started under the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). The reason behind the co-operation was to avoid a war in Europe. This reason is still valid. Economical co-operation has both kept the peace and enhanced to the economical growth. Economical co-operation has also led to some common regulations that had been good for the environment and human health. 

You can read more about my thoughts in English from YLE election compass.

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